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Paper Football League

2.5D sports arcade game made in Python 3.6.3 with Pygame 1.9.4

Josh Klipstein
New for Pygame: join the Paper Football League! It's the middle of high school. You built a football goal post in woodshop class and are proud to bring it home. Then, your brother sees your creation, and challenges you to a game of paper football. You have one minute to score more goals with your goal post than he does, and loser has to do all chores for a month. What will you do? Time to put your paper football skills to the test! Paper Football League is my latest and proudest creation. After the game begins, click and drag to produce a red arrow to launch the ball. See how many goals you can score in the alloted time. It's all the same pressure as kicking a field goal in a real American football match. How many goals can you score? As always, feedback is appreciated. Check compatibility with your version of Pygame.



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Paper Football League 1.0b — 17 Jun, 2019

Paper Football League 1.0 — 9 Aug, 2019 account Comments