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A game where you cast spells on your food.

juicyZESTYbitterSWEET is a game where you run a Restaurant and you cast spells on your food to perfect its taste and increase revenue and get better reviews for your Restaurant. If you cast the correct spells in the right amount, you will receive a perfect rating and a tip. The goal of the game is to earn a minimum amount of profit each day, which you can use to buy unique spells that attract customers to your Restaurant and increase Revenue and Productivity (I feel like a true business man being able to fit all those fancy business words into one sentence). This game was created for Alakajam! #5 which ran for 48 hours in February 2019. The game was initially released on February 24, 2019.



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juicyZESTYbitterSWEET 1.0 — 25 Feb, 2019 account Comments