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Space War

This is my first successful game I have been working on for the past 3 weeks and here it fully is!:

Trying to find da wae
What there is your spaceship and the CPU. Depending on what difficulty you put it on will decide how tricky the game is going to be. There are 3 power ups: shield, double points and speed boost. The basic objective is to hit the CPU until your player's score is equal to 100 then you can press a button on the joystick to restart. Just to explain that you need a joystick for this or else it will not work. (PS1/PS2 remote is best) but any other joystick will work as well. (I can send it out if someone can explain to me how to upload my pygame file)



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Space War 1.4.9 — 19 Feb, 2019 account Comments