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Girls invaded your favorite park. Collect all your toys without catching cooties, and try not to fall into the water or any holes. You can throw soccer balls to keep the girls away, but don't hurt anybody or you'll get into real trouble.

Michael Palmer

An unexpected, princess-themed birthday party has ruined your day at the park. Hurry up and collect all of your toys so that you can escape before one of the girls gives you cooties. They're pretty quick, so be careful, and don't be afraid to throw your ball at them if you need to. That should knock them down on their butt just long enough for you to sneak by.

Cooties is a top down game of avoidance in a park crowded by little girls. You can throw soccer balls or shoot your toy blaster to keep them away, but they only slow girls down for a moment. Luckily there's other toys that might help protect you. Collecting once grants a brief power up that cancels any ongoing effects provided by other toys. Sometimes you may wish to pass by a toy to save the powerup for later, but remember, you need to collect them all in order to finish a level. Happy hunting.


  • Fully animated character graphics and a scrolling background

  • Twenty-three sound effects and a catchy theme song

  • Several control options for keyboard, mouse, keyboard and mouse, or a gamepad

  • Six powerups and four other toys to collect

  • Enemies that roam, chase, navigate, and frolic

  • Accurate throwing attacks with a shooter style control option

  • Ten maps and a fully featured map editor

  • Attractive menus and a Hi-Score Display

This software is a work in progress and is provided as is, without warranty of any kind. The author maintains ownership of all code, graphics, sound effects, and level data included with the software. This software may be used freely but distributed only in its original form.

Any levels created with the built in level editor must be distributed separately from the software. Please submit any levels, artwork, sound effects, or music that you wish to be included with the final game to All submissions will be considered. Ownership of submissions is retained by the submitter and such submissions will not be included with the game unless such permission is granted.

This software will be released under an open source license after a brief commercial period.



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