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fig educational language

single-file program translator (python 2) uses pygame for graphics

fig is a language designed to make it easier to learn programming. it is inspired by basic, python and logo. with some of the lightest syntax requirements in history, and between 90 and 100 commands, fig uses the term window/vt by default: and if pygame is installed and the "textmode" command is not added, it can do real graphics as well: -- the fig code for that animation is 24 lines long, less than 800 bytes.



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fig educational language 4.6 — 11 Dec, 2018 account Comments

  • Ian 2018-12-11 10:17:15.050612

    couldnt get the link to work, here is the animation:
  • Ian 2018-12-11 10:17:36.977514

    couldnt get the link to work.