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Xeaus' Combat Arena

A simple top-down combat game with the goal of defeating all the enemy waves. I'm currently working on this as a school project, but plan to expand on and properly work on it in the future.

This game is meant as a school project for one of my classes. However, I plan to continue developing this game well into the future, in the hopes that I actually make something decent and fun. It is a simple top-down combat game with a scrolling camera and relatively simple enemy spawning and combat functions. There is only 1 type of enemy and very simple controls. W, A, S and D control player movement, LSHIFT is used to sprint, and the arrow keys are used to attack. If this game does come into fruition, I will be sure to actually present it properly and prove actual change logs that outline any features I have added. I would also appreciate any constructive advice or suggestions as it would help spark ideas for new content/features or lead to resolving a bug or problem.



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Xeaus' Combat Arena 0.0.1 — 2 Jul, 2018 account Comments