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A port of the DMA Design classic "Lemmings" written in Python.

DJ Muttonchops
Tundra is a fully-featured recreation of the DMA Design title "Lemmings", originally released in 1991. Since then it has been ported to a multitude of platforms, and is regarded by many as a cult classic. Simply put, you are in control of a group of small furry woodland creatures, who fall out of an entrance hatch and start aimlessly bumping into things. It is your job, as the gentle protagonist, to help these fine beasts of burden to the safety of the exit using skills such as climbing, building, bashing and digging.

You will need a DOS copy of "Lemmings" and/or "Oh No! MORE Lemmings", so that Tundra can extract the required game resources. Don't worry if you've misplaced your old floppies, this is easily found with a quick interweb search (such as "dos lemmings download").

Requirements: Python 2.4, pygame (Numeric not neccesary), PyXML, PIL.
This game makes extensive use of the pgu GUI toolkit by Phil Hassey. Thanks Phil!



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Tundra 0.6pre1 — 1 Jan, 2007

Tundra 0.6 — 8 Jan, 2007

Tundra 0.7 — 9 Feb, 2007 account Comments