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One more cheese

Arcade-puzzle game which was my sandbox to learn some Python. Written for Arch Linux, and by the way packed for Windows. Lately I also coded the Android version.

Piotr Miller
You're a mouse in the lab. The game board consists of cells which designate the mouse movement. You need to click on cells to turn them 90 degrees clockwise, and let the mouse empty rows (eat a piece of cheese in each one) for the empty row to disappear. The row vanishes as the mouse leaves it. New rows keep falling down. As soon as they fill the board, the game is finished. Take a look at the game website to find out how to use the Windows package. For Arch Linux version install the one-more-cheese package from AUR.



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One more cheese 0.1.5-1 — 9 Feb, 2018

One more cheese 0.1.5-2 — 8 Feb, 2018 account Comments

  • Piotr Miller 2018-02-08 12:45:57.264418

    For Windows please re-download the current package (0.1.5-2). The previous one was built with an old machine, and happened to get stuck while launching, for some mysterious reason.