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Ragnarok Engine 3

Ragnarok Engine 3 is small and concise generic 2D game engine built on top of Pygame to make game creation easier.

Lucas Scoppio

Ragnarok Engine was created in 2010 by Clinton Myers (, a simple implementation, with a simple way to setup the GUI, and simple way to instantiate stuff, exactly what you want to start and finish fast your game.

I found it after a long journey of maybe 2 hours trough the way back machine, and started to port it to Python3 (hence the 3 in the name of the project) and I'll slowly add more stuff to it.


Many basic classes and methods are already inplace for Ragnarok Engine 3

  • 2D and 3D Vector Math Library
  • Sprites with easy rotation, scaling, texture loading, etc.
  • SpriteSheet and Animation classes
  • Text objects that can be rotated, scaled, and translated
  • A customizable 2D Camera
  • A managed World system that updates, draws, and automatically offsets objects by the camera's translation.
  • Collision System
  • Input Handling Systems
  • Particle Systems
  • Pool class for efficiently reusing objects
  • TileMaps



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