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Fooliery Game TIme Support Tutorial

Modules to teach ways to keep time and track of events in your game.

Fooliery here with some new free bee's for the beginner python and pygame game developer. Here is a group of modules to help keep time in your game. Inside is also a mp4 video tutorial on how to use it. Makes it easy to say when to spawn an enemy, how long a level should last. set a event to happen in appropriate order. Vary easy to understand and a great source to learn and build on. Hope this helps out Look over the source code. There is a few extra goodies inside. Fooliery



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Fooliery Game TIme Support Tutorial 5.0 — 9 Dec, 2017 account Comments

  • tom 2017-12-19 09:42

    This has a high download rate. I would really applicate some feed back or any ideas on functionality id love to here it. or the different ways that this is being used