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Incarnation, an online multiplayer graphical adventure game currently under development. I could use more players, so log on for free and check it out!

Incarnation is a multi-user online game currently being developed by Kamilche. Fight monsters, earn gold, win esteem, and make new friends in this gorgeous new world! Incarnation is in "alpha" right now, meaning it's being developed as we speak. You can download the game from here. Here are a few features already developed or planned for the game: * Day and Night. * Weather - Sun, Snow, Fog, Rain, Mist. * Realtime Chat - With players from around the globe! * 32 Bit Graphics - Animation and Millions of Colors! * A 12 Room House - Which is fully customizable, make it indoor or even outdoor, with hundreds of different graphics (some even animated) and completely 'TheftProof.' Only You can drop or pick up items when in your home. * NPC Interaction! - Each NPC has a life, history, and their own personality. They even move around! * In-Game Mail and Messaging * "Simple Interaction System" - The game has been designed for the average player, using an interface which is easy to understand and intuitive to learn. * Monster Characters - From Raptors to Wolves, an almost infinite variety of different sizes, colors, and types of creatures to choose from and create! * Teleport! - Why walk when you can FLY! * Real Item Manipulation - Carry it, or place it on your table at home. * COMBAT! - Defend your lands or just your skin as one of several character types. * And MORE!



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Incarnation 1.0 — 20 Nov, 2006 account Comments

  • vadash_bengals 2016-01-01 22:13

    the link above only takes you to a forum, how do i donwload this game and play it?