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The Adventures of One Bit

A fun and simplistic 2D indie platformer.

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The Adventures of One Bit is a fun and simplistic 2D indie platformer. It follows One Bit, a lone blue pixel, on his quest to Red's castle to rescue his friends and family, which Red has captured. The game starts with fairly easy levels and quickly progresses to harder and harder levels which will challenge even the most experienced platforms. There are 3 basic rules to the game: 1) The controls (see below) 2) Don't touch red 3) The level exits are to the right There are 4 worlds with 10 levels per world, 6 normal levels, 2 castle/boss levels, and 2 secret levels. The secret levels are only unlocked after beating the corresponding castle in a hidden way. The secret levels each tell part of the story and once the game is complete, finding all of the parts will reveal the whole story. Controls are as follows: W/Up - Jump A/Left - Move Left D/Right - Move Right 7/9 - Shoot Arrow Left/Shoot Arrow Right Note: You can only shoot after getting the bow in level 7. Arrows are only effective against bosses in the boss fight levels and fireballs after level 27. You can only have one arrow out at a time.



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