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AS Arrow

AS refer to Add and Sub. During the game process, the card present as Arrow.

Game Rule: Delete all card to win. User can drag and drop card from cards library to original 6 cards. At the game start, original 6 cards look like: d - b e- a - c f User can connect d, e, f cards. Once d and e are deleted, user can connect to b. Cards are positive for a, b, c, d, e, f. And then card is negative while connecting. As same similarly, the next card is positive (do the add), and then the card is negative (do the subtract). The row of cards can be deleted as sum of cards is 0. But be carefully, if the number of cards is 12, but can't be deleted now. The game is over. By the way, if cards library is empty and user can't win, the game is over. Note: 1. Click "NEW GAME!" can start a new game. 2. Click cheat image (NOT text), can ON/OFF cheat information. Cheat is ON by default. But I suggest OFF, to play real AS Arrow.



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AS Arrow v0.0.5 — 4 Mar, 2017

AS Arrow v0.07b — 10 Mar, 2017

AS Arrow v0.0.8 — 7 Apr, 2017

AS Arrow v0.0.9 — 21 Feb, 2018 account Comments

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