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This is a lib for easy management of background music for for example games.

This lib's name stands for python game music and is pronounced Tiger music.
I was tired of pygame's bad system of handling playlists and the management of music in general.
With this lib I want to create an layer that allows you to interact with the music,
how you would expect it.

Currently featuring:
-Normal pausing and resuming (played time isn’t lost when new song is loaded)
-Automatic recognition of songs and adding them to a separate list

This is still fairly new and badly documented but the first
full version to be released is hopefully satisfying.
Also whole project is opensource (creative commons attribution 3.0) and follows PEP-8 (Final version!) guidelines.



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Tygamusic 0.9 — 9 Apr, 2015

Tygamusic 0.8 — 7 Apr, 2015 account Comments