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A fighting game with lots of ships.

Julie Marchant

In the distant future, two factions fight for control over space. As neither side has any particular advantage over the other, it is a constant stalemate. Only absolute domination by one of the factions can end this perpetual war, and this can only be achieved by pure piloting skill. Will you be the one to end this nightmare?

Pacewar is my first serious game developed with the SGE Game Engine. It was made for PyWeek 19.

Pacewar is a relatively simple fighting game between two teams of space ships. A team wins the round when all ships of the other team are destroyed, and a certain number of victories more than the other player is needed to win the game. But there's a catch: as a team gets closer to winning, it loses ships, so you need to be better than the other team to succeed.

Human players take over one ship at a time from their respective teams. If a human player's ship is destroyed, that human player takes over an AI ship from their team randomly. This ensures that the human players are always in the game.



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Pacewar 1.6.5 — 5 Nov, 2016

Pacewar 1.6 — 28 Mar, 2015

Pacewar 1.5.2 — 28 Oct, 2014

Pacewar 1.5.1 — 21 Oct, 2014

Pacewar 1.5.3 — 16 Dec, 2014

Pacewar 1.5.4 — 4 Jan, 2015

Pacewar 1.6.4 — 19 Jun, 2016

Pacewar 1.6.6 — 31 Jan, 2017

Pacewar 1.6.3 — 12 Feb, 2016 account Comments

  • kingdestroyer 2014-12-11 05:39

    cool background. The tutorials & ya pacewar game code will help make my first game in the future. thanks :-)

  • dude 2015-01-23 15:03

    how do u play?

  • Deletie Cyprien 2016-05-14 12:46

    Awesome game, I find it hard to control your ship but otherwise it is very beautiful and fun

  • Aidan 2016-07-05 17:17

    I keep getting an error: Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "C:\Users\Aidan\Downloads\pacewar-1.6.4-win32\pacewar-1.6.4-win32\", line 38, in <module>
    DATA = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), "data")
    NameError: name '__file__' is not defined
    Can someone help me?