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Hack 'n' Run

Game made for the contest "Batalha de Games";

Tiago Prado Oliveira
Game made for the contest "Batalha de Games";



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Hack 'n' Run 1.0 — 10 May, 2014 account Comments

  • Mekire 2014-05-10 17:40

    Neat. Fun little game. Have you considered implementing an infinite running mode where you procedurally generate the level?


    Tiago Prado Oliveira 2014-08-06 13:21

    Thanks, I considered doing that infinite running, but I was/am busy at the moment that I just did the fixed stages.

    Drew koluk 2014-06-11 22:53

    how do you play?????

    Tiago Prado Oliveira 2014-08-06 13:23

    Sorry I took so long to respond, but you just 'jump' (space button) and 'slide' (down arrow button).

  • Jozko Mrkvicka 2014-05-10 21:23

    I have read on the pygames that pygames is not a suitable library if you want to change the whole screen at once (scrolling and so on) how have you managed that on my machine I still have about 60fps?

    Tiago Prado Oliveira 2014-08-06 13:38

    I didn't do anything too complicated, this game could be smoother, but I build it for a competition and haven't the time to improve it. One thing that is good to avoid if possible is the transparency (alpha), other than that I didn't do nothing fancy.

    Mekire 2014-05-11 11:34

    As long as you aren't doing something overly complicated, and you are correctly converting all your surfaces, the statement that "pygames is not a suitable library if you want to change the whole screen at once," is entirely false.

  • Pickup car 44 2016-12-14 20:53

    Cara eu uso python 3.5.2 e pygame 1.9.2, funciona correto, consigo usar e programar certo no python, mas já tentei de tudo pra transformar em .exe e não consigo, como faz pra transformar em .exe ? já tentei py2exe mas ele não suporta o python 3.5.2, tentei o cx_Freeze que suporta a minha versão mas não compila, eu digo o certinho na pasta mas ele não compila, de jeito nenhum, oque faço ? quando vou compilar no usando cmd, ele aparece running build_exe e depois da uns erros do cx_freeze na pasta lib, sendo que instalei pelo próprio .exe corretamente, ajuda ?