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It'll Never Catch On

A roguelike inspired by two-stick console first person shooters, this is mostly a tech demo for a 'fake python curses' engine.

To start a game, either pick "" or "". The instructions will be displayed to you before you start. The pygame mode runs extremely slowly, since this game was originally made to be played in curses mode.



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It'll Never Catch On 1.0 — 20 Dec, 2013 account Comments

  • Mekire 2013-12-20 13:15

    It looks pretty well written and I will have to take a look in more detail, but a game like this shouldn't be any problem to keep at a decent constant framerate with pygame.


    Barry Peddycord III 2013-12-22 04:48

    EDIT: I found the bug! Originally I put the framerate limiter in one part of the code, but then I added it to the GFX library without removing it from where it was before! So I was slowing down my animations by an additional order of magnitude! :D Still, it's slow, but it didn't come from the FOV like I thought it did.

    ORIGINAL: Most of the slowness comes from naively calling expensive functions that do the same thing more than once, like FOV, when I could run the function and store the values for later. Also, in curses, you aren't penalized for drawing over a tile over and over again like you are in SDL for blitting multiple times.

    The game was originally written for curses, but I just tacked Pygame on. I'm coming up with some optimizations for the rendering part, at least, that I think will be super neat.