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Program Arcade Games With Python and Pygame

Learn to program using Python and Pygame!

Paul Vincent Craven
(pcraven) dead tree book form and for the Kindle!

The book makes a good intro Python textbook without the high-costs and boredom from a normal introductory text.

The original web site is still free if you don't want to pay for the book. If you are looking for a low cost/no cost introductory textbook for computer science, check it out.

  • 84 free tutorial videos
  • Start creating graphics by Chapter 5.
  • Full text of the book on-line.
  • Cookbook of 47 example programs
  • On-line multiple choice quizzes track your progress.
  • Short-answer questions test your knowledge in more depth.
  • Labs – see if you understand by creating your own games.
  • Sample tests – Test your knowledge.

I've put this book together and refined it from year-to-year based on student feedback during their first semester of programming at Simpson College.

This is a first-semester course and assumes no prior knowledge of programming. I've successfully run hundreds of students through this course and had them create their own arcade games. Each time I refine the course and use their questions to make the book that much better.

Plus, there are Russian and Turkish translations thanks to some volunteers!



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Program Arcade Games With Python and Pygame 1 — 19 Jul, 2013 account Comments

  • twh 2014-01-05 16:34:50

    Please note that the book is based on Python3! Most Unix's including Raspbian on the PI still default to Python2.x

    Mekire 2014-02-02 11:18:32

    In his defense he mentions this very explicitly right at the beginning of the book.

  • Arlis Hoglen 2014-10-21 22:23:20

    This is an excellent beginner course. I used in my high school CS introductory class. Students enjoyed it and it was a great platform. Many students finished half way through the year and began working on their own projects.

  • Victor Arias 2014-11-17 19:59:20

    The new raspberry pi b+ works with python 3

  • Peter R. 2014-11-28 07:37:34

    This really great stuff and I really appreciate Paul's work. The book, the videos, the online course including the worksheets, quizzes and labs, everything is really amazing. Thanks a lot for this awesome resource.

  • nathaniel 2014-12-23 02:18:52

    i can't find a website to make a 2d graphics game!!!! :\

  • Tony Vd Graaf 2015-01-17 09:46:43

    I bought the Kindle ebook and started the course here. So far it's great but I wonder if the answers to the 'short answer worksheets' are available somewhere? I'd like to be able to check my answers.
    Thanks & keep up the great work!

  • tyut 2015-02-12 00:48:40

    What is pyagame and is this like a mod for python or what and how do you get both python and pygame together

  • Siddharth 2015-03-05 08:31:40

    My Raspberry pi B uses python 3 and it works just fine.

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