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Pygame Physics Engine

Game physics is explored with Pygame, a Python engine, and Box2D

Jim Miller

This tutorial on game physics reflects the J-term course given at Gustavus Adolphus College in 2013.

Course Description:

This is an introduction to computer programming through an application of the Python language. The elements of the language will be taught as students develop computer games with the Pygame interface to the Simple Directmedia Layer (SDL) library. Students will develop a basic physics engine (algorithms that model object motion and interaction) as well as apply more advanced open–source engines (Box2D). High school math may be helpful but not required. There will be instructive exercises as well as longer project work. The course concludes in a competition with teams battling for survival in multiplayer–network games.

The screen shot below shows the jello object (from the Jello Madness game) being stretched by two users. One user is on the server and the other is connected as a network client.

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  • John M 2014-01-29 06:38

    Awesome learning resource. Exactly the kind of stuff I have been looking for. Thank you Jim Miller. I will be pouring over your course materials over the next few weeks.