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A simple Asteroids game

An asteroids game, nothing more to say about it. Use the arrow keys to move and the space bar to select/shoot. You can navigate the menu with the mouse as well.

Jun wei Zhu
It's my first actual complete game. This game does not contain any special features nor graphics other than a hi-score. The goal was for me to create a fully working game with little or no bugs so I can test my basic knowledge on python and pygame. I didn't test the whole game completely, so it might have some bugs in it that I don't know about. Added in the rar is the executable and the sourcecode, along with the license and font I use. Have fun.



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A simple Asteroids game 1.0_alpha — 18 Sep, 2012

A simple Asteroids game 1.0 — 18 May, 2013 account Comments