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Random Terrain Generator

This creates a random heightfield using the fault algorithm.

benjamin lee
This creates a random heightfield with the fault algorithm. It takes a somewhat lengthy time to finish increasing a lot with the resolution and number of blocks of the finished file. It saves it as a jpeg file. The fault algorithm is where the computer makes a random ax+by=c line and everything on one side is raised a certain amount. Everything on the other side is lowered. After around 500 passes it starts to look like terrain. In my implementation I changed it so that things were raised or lowered based on the arctangent of their distance from the line which makes it look smoother.



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Random Terrain Generator 1.0 — 12 Mar, 2012 account Comments

  • Rho1 2012-03-21 12:27

    Quite nice. Finding proper values to generate something good looking is kinda hard at start, could use some kind of default/example parameters set. 
    100x100 blocks 1 pixel per block (substituted by 2 in code?), 1000 passes, height variation =2, smoothness =2 give more or less terrainish look, sorta depends on luck thou. 

  • Benjamin 2012-03-22 03:47

    It is substituted by 2 because for some reason I cannot figure out it never displays anything if it is 1. I thought that I should put that in there as a precaution.