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Kony 2012

Avoid red blocks, collect yellow blocks, fast paced space game built to bring pygame community awareness to Kony 2012.

James Stevenson

This is my first game and it isn't much but I just wanted to get something out there for people to be aware of Kony 2012. The main purpose of this game isn't for people to play it so even if you're scrolling through the this you don't have to download the game just become part of the fight against Joseph Kony. If you don't know about Kony 2012 or don't know who Joseph Kony is please go to the link below or go to Youtube and search Kony 2012 (I promise it is completely worth your time).



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  • Ss 2012-03-21 17:09

    terrible, kony 2012 is a big scam just a waste of time making it like anybody is going to play it...

  • Josiah Eichelman 2012-03-28 23:27

    good try to bring awareness to all communuties =)