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Cheap Holiday Insurance

Cheap Holiday Insurance

Sunny Malkovich

The presence of insurance policies for traveling abroad need to enter the Schengen group (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, France). For entry to the rest of you do not have the right to force to buy insurance, but for my own peace of mind when most tourists go abroad now still make out the different insurance policies. And it is reasonable to do. Occur during the tour can do everything, anything. From banal colds to an accident or natural disaster. And it's better to know exactly what you will always receive skilled care for which will not have to shell out for yourself, because insurance will pay all expenses. And by the way, the employees of the Foreign Service will try to work conscientiously, if they know that the payment for their services is guaranteed. When in our country people have the opportunity to freely and at any time to go holiday abroad, many perceived the acquisition of an insurance policy as unnecessary spending. And if you still agree to take out insurance, trying to find a travel agency, where he will be as cheap as possible. A similar approach led to what happened when the real trouble, people get very "cut-down" service and were disappointed. But in another way and could not be. Insurers do not work for free and for a minimal fee provide minimal protection. Simply put, the cheapest insurance policy in case you get sick unless consultation with a local physician, perhaps not the best, but for treatment and essential drugs have to pay extra out of pocket. Since then, it took a long time, and our tourists, even middle-life, began to systematically go vacation "in faraway lands." Cases where the insurance policy turned out to be a truly "magic wand", was enough. And, accordingly, the experience of the population that is passed "by word of mouth", has accumulated considerable. Most people realize that it is cheaper to pay for your peace of mind than to worry about any ailment. And insurance companies for their part have developed a flexible insurance when the customer can choose - in which risks should be insured and, for some, and unnecessary. For example, in addition to medical insurance, now you can protect yourself from loss of documents, damaged, delayed or stolen baggage. Another innovation was the last time the possibility of registration of a legal Cheap Holiday Insurance policy. This means that if after a visit you have a claim to the travel agency, the lawyer provided by the insurance company to help restore justice and obtain compensation for material and moral costs. And this is not the latest and demanded innovation. Not so long ago there was insurance against inability to make the trip. For example, you inform that in the travel agency prices in Belek Turkey the lowest. Of course, you rush to order and pay for the trip as soon as possible. But travel companies still at the stage of your tour are some costs. And if life situation forces you to abandon the planned trip, these costs are deducted from the price paid for the tour. If you have insurance to cover inability to travel (the cost of such services is usually not), you practically have nothing to lose. Most interesting is that with all the richness of unpleasant events on which you can protect yourself, the cost of insurance when going abroad, are quite capable of even ordinary customers: at the limit of liability in the 15 000-30 000 "green" (this is the amount for which you can provide the services) worth an average of $ 1-2 per day. For older people, skiers and other athletes, it is on average 1.5-2 times higher. But it is common practice. Accident insurance or life insurance also takes into account the age and occupation of certain sports in the direction of increasing insurance premiums ..



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