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Pattern Draw Login for Windows

An application that allows a user access to the desktop after they enter the password.

Rock Achu
---------------------WARNING---------------------- ---------------------WARNING---------------------- ---------------------WARNING---------------------- ---------------------WARNING---------------------- If you do not turn the 'dis' variable to False you will have to either hard shutdown your computer or logout (win7) if you forget the password. You have been warned. ---------------------WARNING---------------------- ---------------------WARNING---------------------- ---------------------WARNING---------------------- ---------------------WARNING---------------------- to reset the password, delete the Pass.pswd file in the same directory as the file. Use this program to 'lock' your computer. If you want surefire protection, set it to run at login. Password is saved after the first run. Requires pyHook. Google for download. Uses windows dll's to stop escape. Will not run on linux. Requires pywin32. Google for download.



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Pattern Draw Login for Windows 2 — 24 Jul, 2011

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