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Active chain puzzle game, using mouse.

Howitzer is a active combo puzzle game, using mouse.
This game was released Comic Market 78(2010 summer)in Tokyo. Demo movie(youtube).

right click : warp block right
left click : warp block left
center click : supply block

When warped block fall to same color block, the block and chained same color block are explode.
Then block of the exploded block are raised.
The raised block fall to same color block, it makes to combo and you get more score.

The white bar under the field. it means left time.
The bar was run out, it is gameover.
The bar increase when vanish blocks.and you can more increase by more combo.

contact to tokoroten(twitter)



2d 783 puzzle 341 mouse 19 replay 1 combo 1


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Howitzer C78 — 2 Jul, 2011

Howitzer 2012 — 26 Jan, 2013 account Comments

  • lduros 2011-07-04 15:18

    This game is really nice and slick! Congratulations for such a great game!