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Project Platformer

A Platformer game with Dwarf Fortress style modding.

Alexander Kelly
This is my first pygame, python, and indeed programming project. It is a platformer, which can be modified in a style similar to the "raw files" used by Dwarf Fortress. Currently, the source is not available, as I would like to get it to a more complete form first. All "Art" (except for the butcher sprite) has been created for me. I allow anyone to do with the "Art" as they see fit, barring usual restrictions (plagurism etc) and I would like to be credited for any used "Art" (though this isnt strictly necessary). Proper licence comming soon (GNU?). Please tell me if the archive does not work, as I have never actually released anything before. If it doesnt, and I cant get it to work in a binary form, I will probably just release the source. Homepage comming soon...



Home Page


Project Platformer 0.1 — 31 May, 2011 account Comments