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A Cloudy Day

A relaxing game where you play as a cloud responsible for keeping the garden green.

Jay Reinebold

Requirements to run from source:

- pygame

- numpy

- psyco

    A Cloudy Day utilizes stochastic l-systems and particle effects to create an atmospheric, relaxing game environment without the use of any pre-drawn art.

    Use your wind to move around, your rain to water the plants, and your lightning to scare away the flies. All of your powers cost energy, which is represented by the darkness of your cloud. Energy refills over time.

If you don’t water your plants, they will decay (turn brown). Once a plant has fully turned brown it will die. Flies will attempt to eat your plants if they get hungry. Flies are also known to become quite angry when they get wet, so watch out where you rain. In addition, an inchworm has also decided to make your garden her home. She’s harmless enough, but if you get her wet she just might decide to hatch a new fly…


Arrow left = blow wind left

Arrow right = blow wind right

Spacebar = rain

Enter = lightning

Tested with Python 2.5. Thanks for playing!



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A Cloudy Day 1.0 — 27 May, 2011 account Comments

  • Michael 2011-06-06 05:55:58

    Very interesting game! Seeing the swaying l-systems is soothing, and I'm curious to see where this idea evolves in terms of gameplay. BTW, got it to work under Kubuntu Linux by using Wine.  Oh, another thing: for people who have the most common form of color blindness, it's hard for us to distinguish between the two colors you are using for the healthy and dried trees. If you added another cue, like thickness, such as healthy trees being thick and dried trees being thin, that would help.