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a 2D openGL renderer.

Worm2D uses OpenGL for 2D rendering.
Features, *Ahem*:
-Initialize a pygame/openGL window (resulution independant).
-Single or multiple viewports (each with screen position and resulution).
-Loads and displays pygame supported image files. (including NonPowerOfTwo).
-Displayes pygame fonts.
-Loads frames packed into into a single image.
-Do openGL calls from anywhere.
-So far, it has been tested on windows, but it should work on others.



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Worm2D 0.1 — 4 Feb, 2011 account Comments

  • Joshua Thomson 2016-02-21 16:19

    My virus scanner detected malware in the package. Was this a false positive, or is there something I need to be worried about?