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Way of the Stick

A stick figure fighting game where you can create your own movesets and share them with friends.

Olawale Hassan

Way of the Stick is a stick figure fighting game with a built in animation editor. You can create your own moves and export/import them in movesets. I've opened up the source, but you'll find that it's pretty disorganized right now.

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Way of the Stick .03-alpha — 15 Nov, 2011

Way of the Stick .01-alpha — 31 Jan, 2011

Way of the Stick .04-alpha — 23 Jan, 2012

Way of the Stick .02-alpha — 5 Sep, 2011 account Comments

  • Jake B 2011-11-23 20:27:14

    You can 'embed' your youtube videos, making it watchable without opening a new page. Example that does this:

    oahassan 2011-11-25 14:13:38

    Thanks for the tip! I'll definitely do that.

  • Paul Paterson 2012-01-24 01:06:40

    This is really great - there is an amazing amount of detail in here. Playing around with the move-set editor is a lot of fun and you implemented the frame based editing (with fills!) really well. The fighting is neat and I like the way you integrated the camera movement so it zooms in an out smoothly to show the action without it ever feeling too cramped.

    The music and sound also fit perfectly - nice job!

    A couple of minor usability suggestions,

    - I was a bit stuck on the volume sliders until I realized that you had to press the "+" and "-". I assumed you could drag the bar or click either side. 
    - I couldn't get into the fight until the "Press Enter to Start" appeared and gave me a hint! I was clicking and double-clicking but it never occurred to me to press Enter.

    Good stuff,


  • oahassan 2012-01-24 03:03:15

    Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.  I was hoping the press enter hint wasn't too slow.  I'll speed it up, or allow double clicking since that's what you did naturally.  

    You are supposed to be able to move the bar of the slider, so I'll add that to my bug list.  That's what happens when I try to implement all of my own UI elements. '-.-