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pitch perfect

Play musical notes on an object resembling a pitch pipe in real time.

Sean McKean
This program is meant to demonstrate how to generate dynamic audio tones in real time without pre-loading them as .wav files, although it now includes support for rendering small recorded samples as well. I was thinking about including something similar to this method in an upcoming game, to make the control a little more interesting. But I do not have a date set on it yet, and I still have some bugs to work out. Greetings and thanks to all the people who have taken the time to give me ideas and feedback.



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pitch perfect 0.3.1 — 13 Nov, 2010

pitch perfect 0.2b — 8 Nov, 2010

pitch perfect 0.2.1b — 8 Nov, 2010

pitch perfect 0.1b — 6 Nov, 2010

pitch perfect 0.3.0b — 13 Nov, 2010

pitch perfect 0.3.2 — 15 Nov, 2010 account Comments