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have fun

josmiley / Luke spywoker

inspired by the project 'PygameCross' by 'Jorge Zilbermann (ealdor)', Here is my version of picross.
this is not a solver (for now)
You can create and solve your own puzzle.
remains to be done:

-align the imported grids
-edit grids
-give a name to the grids (for the moment they are numbered)
-fix time bug

'PygameCross' by 'Jorge Zilbermann (ealdor)'
use jmenu project



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jpicross 1.2 — 25 Apr, 2010

jpicross 1.1 — 23 Apr, 2010

jpicross 1 — 22 Apr, 2010

jpicross 1.2 — 25 Apr, 2010 account Comments