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Player launches a space probe and gets score based on how close the probe gets to planets without crashing. Very high frame-rate. Alpha version. Newbie programmer.

David Khono Hackland
The player launches a probe into space, controlling only the initial velocity (direction and speed). Once launched the probe changes velocity based solely on gravity (and crashing into objects). Score is based on how close the probe gets to bodies (planets) for how long.

Readme contains instructions which aren't yet displayed in-game.

The game can get over 1000 FPS. There's a problem in that once the player turns the FPS up to around 1000, the game loses control over the framerate and the program goes at, what appears to be, maximum speed (over 3000 FPS at least). I'm a newbie programmer and I'm learning as I go. I wrote most of this (as of March 18, 2010) while I was in Laos stuck in the only air-conditioned room for two months. I had no internet (so my learning was limited) and my laptop keyboard had serious issues, so many of the comments contain "B"s instead of "D"s and semi-colons instead of commas. :-B

Far from a professional game, I was encouraged to publish it here by a fellow newbie python/pygame programmer.

BTW I probably should have started as version 0.0.4 but I already published it all as 1.0.4 so I'll leave it like that for now.

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