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This is a simple game in which you have to fight again alien spaceship. You can also buy more weapon (at the moment only 4) and create your own levels (It's very simple).

Francesco Pasa
In a galaxy far far away...


You can save 9 games into slots called accounts.


To create your levels you have to:

  • Open a text editor
  • for each line write, in this order, time(in milliseconds), type of ship, y position (in pixel from the top of the window), x position (always 850) and a number between 25 and 100, all separated by one space. ship types can be: scars, ball or mediumlow. The time specify the moment from the start of the level in which the ship will appear. The last number in the shoot frequency of the ship (25 shot faster, 100 slower).
  • Save the level in the folder maps/ with extension .map

At the moment is not possible to play with user created levels. However, if you want to play you can save the level as '' and the level will be the fourth when you play missions.

I'm very curious to see your comments.



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SpaceFight 0.3.1 — 7 Dec, 2009 account Comments