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A WIP: Destroy a building by strategically placing explosives and timing them to explode in sequence.

Tom Oldbury
Currently only supports one building though future versions will allow for a missions/level system and a build-your-own mission SVG script.

Requires PyBox2D. Only tested on Ubuntu Linux, Python 2.6.2, Pygame 1.8, PyBox2D 2.0.2b1.

- Many occluding explosions will crash the game with a Segmentation Fault. This is due to a Box2D bug.
- Many explosions at once will freeze the game for a few seconds - though physics still runs fine.
- The code is quite dodgy in places and needs commenting.
- The game never sleeps and continues drawing to the screen even if nothing is happening.

If anyone wants to borrow my explosions engine feel free. It's GPL licensed.



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