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Defense (unnamed)

First version of some hack & slay castle defense style game.

Teb Toddy
This first version features: - 3 playable modes + tutorial - Character development **** Planning for future versions: - further developed fighting system with "intelligent" soldiers. - further developed arcade world. - a nice gui ;) **** Any feedback (especially criticism) is very welcome as this is a rough painting of the final game, i can and want to change everything still ;) .exe versions will be available later when distributed beyond development people. im also thinking about some cooperation modes that would be online, as i have experience from my last project (which was too ambitious ;) im confident but it would/will be a lot of work. Also any help with writing code / making graphics/story/anything is greatly apprectiated though i cannot pay a buck, sorry.



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Defense (unnamed) 1.0 — 17 Sep, 2009 account Comments