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A public domain class that can be used in drawing applications or games. Two demos included.

John Eriksson

PaintBrush is NOT an application, it's a public domain class that can be used in various drawing applications or games.

It's really simple to use. You just set a destination surface and a surface to be used as a brush. Then you can set the color and alpha value for that brush. You can also tell the brush to be rotated in the drawing direction.

It's also possible to specify a line pattern to be able to draw dotted lines.

The source package includes two different demos of how to use the PaintBrush class. In the you can try out all advanced features and in the you can see how easy it is to use the class.

You start them by "python" and "python".



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PaintBrush 1.0 — 15 Sep, 2009

PaintBrush 1.1 — 16 Sep, 2009 account Comments

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