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'Paint' app using 2d physics

Eric Pavey

I authored this while teaching myself PyMunk. In a nutshell, it’s a simple ‘paint program’ using 2d physics.

  • You ‘paint’ with ‘bubbles’ that collide with each other.
  • Colors of bubbles and the background are adjustable, gravity can be turned on and off, bubbles can be "dried" and painted on top of.
  • Size and number of bubbles painted with is adjustable, with the documentation\stats on a toggleable layer.
  • Saving of images is available, and the window is resizable.

See the homepage for full list of features and directions. Built with Python 2.6.2, PyGame 1.9.1, and PyMunk 0.8.4, the Windows zip has a ready to go executable.



Home Page


BubblePaint 0.1.3 — 15 Sep, 2009

BubblePaint 0.2.1 — 11 Oct, 2009 account Comments