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A Tale Of Magick

A 2D top down view rpg. First project with pygame.

This is going to be a full-featured 2d rpg with new elements instead of the old style magic and hp system. I don't want to give a lot of it away as it's still in development. This is my pet project so I will be updating this quite a lot. Be sure to check out the google code page for the most recent versions.

Basically this is testing out the camera/menu/map/sprite systems. The map system is built traditionally using mappy and tile numbering. The sprites are generated through config files similarly to the map system. I've noticed that a lot of 2d engines are using the hero's character class to move the map or camera as it were. I felt it was better to isolate that object so hopefully that works out. Also I haven't tried to do a menu before at all so that was a first attempt, I hope to eventually implement smoother transitions, it seems very jumpy now. Thanks for reviewing!

Comments are always welcome. The code is open source so please feel free to comment or use anything you find.

PS > The homepage is down at the moment please use the source link to get a copy of the game, thanks.



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