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Dex/int Build of Warrior In Hero

Dex/int Build of Warrior In Hero

Dex/int warrior in Hero is highly efficient leveler and PvP'er.And here is a guide on how to build it which from the ohter website. Its disadvantage compared to the str/int build is largely the lower CA thanks to the lack of str, and the lack of hp. In this case, PoW can be maxed out, but if you really wish to PvP, a lvl 12 Bear's Vigor is almost a must. With this build, you can do one of two things: First,limit your dex to the minimum lvl required for the next lvl of weapon, till about lvl 57-64, while pouring the rest of the points in int. After getting your dex up to about 120 or so, start focussing on str, to improve your health, CA and physical attack (to do some serious damange with critical hits in PvP). In a sense, one could turn into a hybrid build by following the stat distribution I've suggested, but a hybrid warrior at high lvls works really well. Then continue with a large amount of points going into int, and the rest into dex, so that you have enough dex for every level of weapon there is. With the offense you get from PoW, even PvP is no problem, especially with the critical hits provided by the dex. Health, in this case is a problem, but easily solved with HP accessories. The dex helps against skills and provides massive defense, making you a harsh grinder. 2nd Job Promotion: Musa, purely for the defense debuff. Or champion, if you'd rather raise your own survival rate with its offense debuff, but musa works really well with this Anyway, have fun in game and enjoy what's been given to us freely.Need cheap Hero Online Gold or cheap Hero Online Powerleveling? Go to Goldceo. We will try our best to serve you.



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