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Hero:switch back to your weapon and hit tame.

Hero:switch back to your weapon and hit tame.

First off,This article is selected from the other Hero website. It's not my work,and I put it here just to help some guys.Now here we go! 1. Make sure you have a tame lvl of 3 before trying to tame a bear. 2. Once you hit lvl 13 or 14 you can start to tame bears. Same deal as the wolf. Hit the bear a few times with your weapon to get it low. 3.You should just be able to use the weapon the whole time. Once it hits about 18-25 aprox. hit tame. if successful congrats its in your inventory if not then try again. 4. Now for the Mounts. You must be at least lvl 24. Try to have a tame lvl of at least 8. Only 6 is required but it helps to have it higher. Hope this is useful .Guys ,we also offer you the Hero Gold and Hero Powerleveling ,if you need ,you can contact with Goldceo ,thanks for your reading .



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