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Dofus Equip:Head Band Ring

Dofus Equip:Head Band Ring

This cut is about the best ring equipment in sssssssssucks!! Note:This guide is from official website and it'not my work. Description:Equip Level-189. This cold, slimy ring never stops sucking on your finger from the minute you slip it on. If you can see past its flaws, however, its great powers are yours to wield. Effects +31 to 50 strength +31 to 50 chance +31 to 50 wisdom +201 to 250 vitality +6 to 10 damage Increases damage by 11 to 20% +501 to 700 initiative +11 to 15 prospecting +6 š€ 10 fire resistance +6 š€ 10 water resistance BTW,if you need Dofus Gold or Dofus Powerleveling,Goldceo will offer you the best service. source



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