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Method of calculating Dofus injury

Method of calculating Dofus injury

Glad to see you here, this is Goldceo, a weapon or spell always Bring direct harm to you, we describe it as a Base Damage, so many players boring themselves that how to compute their damage, In addition,Critical Hit Bonus, which boosts the base damage. On a critical hit, the bonus is added to the base damage, making a new base damage. Spells often do more damage on a critical hit, too, but for spells there isn't always a universal additive bonus -- sometimes a different value is added to the high end from the low end. So for spells it's usually easier to just use the listed damage range on a critical hit rather than trying to add a bonus to the regular base damage. The wikia's damage calculation is much more versatile because it includes the resistances of the target and can be used for either weapons or spells with out changing anything. If you do not want to go through so much just put the calculation in a spreadsheet or something. Then when ever you need it you can just fill in the characters stats, buffs, and the weapon/spell's min and max damage Weapons also have their own skills which depending on the level it can boost from 10% to 65% and only close combat weapons are affected, others like Relevant Stat, boosts water, Class Bonus. such effects modify this variable. It is not seems that Calculating damage is so hard, you can do is Just remember that the spell or weapon you use gets a +%damage increase from its corresponding element and add in the +%damage from your gear and buffs, then when that is calculated just add +damage from gear and buffs. Here are the specific details of the death of computing: When you lvl(Dofus gold) 5 ghostly claw casted by an osa with these stats/buffs, you have 9-12 damage and 100 intellegence, +50% damage pet +10 damage Even it having to write nothing down when comes out to 32-40 , but you can Calculating damage as: min = 32 = (9+150%)+10 ormin = 32 = (9*2.5)+10 and min-dmg = (9*(1+((100int+50)/100))+10 = 32 as well For these Dofus information which originates in other site, it is Plain and simple. If you need help, we can offer Dofus gold and Dofus powerleveling. source



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