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Damage and Bonuses in Dofus

Damage and Bonuses in Dofus

Welcom to Goldceo, today we introduce some information about Damage and Bonuses for Dofus. hope you like. Damage can be reinforced or reduced according to the element of your weaponand of your items(dofus kamas). You must choose damage or resistance bonuses according to your weapon and/or spell element. For example, let¡¯s say that a Sacrier fighter is equipped with a cape increasing EARTH damage by 10, and a lining increasing EARTH damage by 15, that is to say a total of + 25 EARTH damage. The spell ¡°Sacrier¡¯s Foot¡± (an EARTH type spell that inflicts 10 to 18 damage points), At each hit, the Sacrier will inflict between 35 and 43 points of damage to his enemy, provided the latter doesn¡¯t have any resistances. If the spell ¡°Sacrier¡¯s Foot¡± is replaced by Raziel (sword šC 26 to 40 neutral-type damage), the Sacrier will inflict as many damage points to his enemy provided the latter does not have any resistances. Every time you hit or cast a spell, it's subject to Critical Hits (CH) and to Critical Misses (CM). Indications concerning Critical Hits are displayed on the Weapon and Spell descriptions. A Critical Miss always makes zero damage, whereas the Critical Hit considerably increases the chance to make a lot more damage Thank for reading. by the way, we also have Dofus powerleveling service. Source



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