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Generic shooter game against one enemy

Michael Arevalo
This is the sequel to DIE BOX. About halfway through the code, I figured it might be easier to do multiple enemies with the Sprite assignment, but I was too far to go back. Instead I focused on making the one enemy as fun to fight as possible. CONTROLS: Left, Right - Move F - Fire Esc - end game Included in this game are my attempt at a gun that overheats, rapid fire (hold down fire button), and lives. The next game will probably have multiple enemies, but in any case as always comments and critisism are welcome! Have fun!



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DIE BOX DIE 1.5 — 30 May, 2009

DIE BOX DIE 1.0 — 29 May, 2009

DIE BOX DIE 1.55 — 2 Jun, 2009 account Comments