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2d sidescroller

Bare bone sidescroller. Plan on making a sidescroller MMOrpg.

Brian Song
For now I'm using a sprite sheet found online until I find someone who can draw for me. Screen shot is a stress test with 100 hands going balls to the wall with finger bullets. Averaging 40fps when they are on screen, 62.5 off when set at clock.tick(60)

Known bugs ::
Meters (hard to explain but the meter surface isn't "transparent")
Double casting
cast circle (needs work)
sprites not displaying in the right order (kinda negligible)
messy code

Working on ::
programmable hotkeys
more spells effects/mechanics
moving background

links to my source code can be found in my blog.



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  • Just a dude 2014-03-11 17:52

    Your blog is blocked for me :(