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A lamentable peg game.

Jacob Smullyan
This little game is a computer version of a familiar peg game that would be wrong to explain here, as that would leave you with nothing to figure out by yourself. Were you, upon launching this program (via the "smullpeg" script), or perhaps some seconds afterwards, to remark that it is somewhat lacking in visual flair, I would respond, "Tchah -- those deaf to nostalgia need not apply". If you are impatient to know immediately when you have made a move that dooms you to ignominious failure, press T (for hinT) to enter hint mode, and when you make a bad move the computer will groan in disappointment.



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Smull-Peg 0.1.3 — 17 Jan, 2009

Smull-Peg 0.1.4 — 18 Jan, 2009 account Comments