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Metaball Funhouse

An application to render metaballs.


An application to render metaballs. I coded this up quickly, but it works. I'm sure the metaball rendering code is not efficient and needs improvement, but it works. Suggestions to make it better are accepted. All one can really use it for is just to play around with it.


  • q: quit
  • r: start render, cancel render if render in progress
  • d: delete selected metaball


  • click anywhere to create a new metaball
  • use the scrollwheel to increase/decrease the size
  • click again to place
  • click on nub in center of a metaball to select it



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Metaball Funhouse 1.0 — 29 Jan, 2011 account Comments

  • python-dude-98 2013-04-12 22:33:17

    when running on python 3.3 the metaballs do not show up on my display , just the outline or the collision bounds. Any way to solve this ?