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Easier than ever to contribute to pygame — 15 Aug, 2018

We have a new page on how to contribute to pygame. It's still being improved, but already there is a step by step guide on how to write your first contribution to an Open Source project. And you don't even need to know assembly language to be able to do it! We have made a list of "good first issue". Which are issues which should be pretty easy to help out with just a bit of python knowledge.

Additionally we now have C API docs which should be helpful for those wanting to hack on C code.

So, if you want to help out, please pop into our web based chatroom(discord) in the "contributing" channel. Or take a look at our contribute page for notes on how to get started.

Learn python by contributing to pygame

The idea is that people can learn by contributing to a Free Libre Open Source project.

Why? (teaching by helping people contribute to FLOSS projects.)

  • Because you don't learn karate from a book.
  • Builds social connections and skills.
  • Portfolio, and evidence of talent.

Why pygame? (rather than some other project)

  • It's sort of fun compared to some topics (better than watching paint dry at least).
  • Because it's sort of well known project (millions of users). ... with almost zero full time or even part time developers (that's why it's called pygame zero).
  • Because we have learning resources and easy issues prepared.