This extension module defines Python type pygame.Rectpygame object for storing rectangular coordinates.

Header file: src_c/include/pygame.h

type pgRectObject
SDL_Rect r

The Pygame rectangle type instance.

PyTypeObject *pgRect_Type

The Pygame rectangle object type pygame.Rect.

SDL_Rect pgRect_AsRect(PyObject *obj)

A macro to access the SDL_Rect field of a pygame.Rect instance.

PyObject *pgRect_New(SDL_Rect *r)

Return a new pygame.Rect instance from the SDL_Rect r. On failure, raise a Python exception and return NULL.

PyObject *pgRect_New4(int x, int y, int w, int h)

Return a new pygame.Rect instance with position (x, y) and size (w, h). On failure raise a Python exception and return NULL.

SDL_Rect *pgRect_FromObject(PyObject *obj, SDL_Rect *temp)

Translate a Python rectangle representation as a Pygame SDL_Rect. A rectangle can be a length 4 sequence integers (x, y, w, h), or a length 2 sequence of position (x, y) and size (w, h), or a length 1 tuple containing a rectangle representation, or have a method rect that returns a rectangle. Pass a pointer to a locally declared SDL_Rect as temp. Do not rely on this being filled in; use the function's return value instead. On success, return a pointer to a SDL_Rect representation of the rectangle, else return NULL. No Python exceptions are raised.

void pgRect_Normalize(SDL_Rect *rect)

Normalize the given rect. A rect with a negative size (negative width and/or height) will be adjusted to have a positive size.

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