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Sphere Ray Trace

Ray-tracing on Spheres...

Ian Mallett
Lately, I've realized that while PyOpenGL is fast and powerful, it may not be quite powerful enough to create the realism I want easily.

Ray-tracing is a way to create super-realistic lighting effects, among other things. In this screenshot, for instance, you can see refractions and reflections.

Anyway, this is more of a tech demo than anything--it only works with spheres, as they are mathematically simple. There are a few bugs here. The refraction code is based off of my circle refraction program: The circle program, which currently just ignores internal reflection produces artifacts in the image. They're errors, since the refraction method is not implemented. Any problems show up magenta here. I'll fix all this later in perhaps another release.



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Sphere Ray Trace 4.0.0 — 5 Jun, 2008

Sphere Ray Trace 2.0.0 — 5 Jun, 2008

Sphere Ray Trace 6.0.0 — 12 Jun, 2008 account Comments